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Overwrapping machine  OVP


1. Machine drived by cam mechanic system, stable and easy of operation and maintenance. 
2. Wrapping materials: Cellophane, KOP, BOPP(OPP) and heat-sealable film or paper.
3. Enclosed quicker changeover system for different product sizes easy adjustment.
4. Equipped with optional stacker or collating system to save manpower and increase production. 

1. Tear tape system.
2. Photo-Cell device control.
3. Dot side seals.
4. Size change tools.
5. Multi-Box feeding system.
6. Slitting system for film width.
7. Safety door with interlock.
8. Strengthen side seals hot press device. (PM-803A)
9. Hot press shrink device. (PM-803C)
10. Shrink tunnel.(ASM-501A)
11. Stacker (PM-805) 
12. Feeding Hopper.